Is Your Date Crazy?

Do you think your date is crazy? Do you think they are not who they say they are? Confused about what to expect from them? Well, your date could be crazy. But how do you find out if they are crazy or not? What are the signs that you should be looking out for?

We did the hard work for you. And conduct plenty of research in the process to find out the key signs that your date could be crazy.

  • They get very jealous, very easily.
    There is nothing wrong with the occasional jealousy now and then. It shows that a person cares. The problem starts when they never let it go and constantly get jealous at every little bit. If you notice these signs early, you know you got to step away.
  • They can’t let go of the past.
    Everyone has been burnt at some point in their life. Some worse than others. But being with someone means dealing with these issues and while that’s fine, if you start to notice that they can’t let go of anything, then this is going to be a worry.
  • Hate your friendship with the opposite sex.
    For those who say you can’t be friends with the opposite sex, we call that rubbish. It happens every day and all the time. So if your date has a problem with you being friends with the opposite sex, you might expect a bunch of craziness to happen shortly.
  • They demand you pay for everything.
    There is nothing wrong with a few shouts here and there, but if they are starting to act like a prince or princess demanding that you pay for everything, it could be because they see you as a fun – free – time.
  • They don’t give you a breather when you need it.
    Every relationship builds on the level that you need some time for yourself, so that is why you should be going out and enjoying yourself with your own things. Too much time together will see arguments start. If your date doesn’t let you have time for yourself, or gets upset if you have time to yourself, that’s a tad unhealthy.

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